The case for tinkering

When I was a boy the most common car in Romania was Dacia. Compared with modern cars, it is awful. It looks quite bad, you need a lot of force to steer it, putting it into reverse gear is a mix of force and accuracy and you are lucky if it starts when it’s cold outside. It requires a lot of maintenance or it will stop working. The bodywork erodes in a few years and it needs special treatments to stop it from falling apart. Its performance is low too; often when it got to 100 km/h it starts trembling like a rocket just launched to the outer space. Continue reading “The case for tinkering”

Yes, I’m a sinner

I am sure that by now you have heard about Steve Jobs and his premature death. Here’s something you probably haven’t heard about.

Dennis Ritchie died this week. You probably never heard of him. I never heard of him until today, showing once again that I’m guilty of the developer sin #3. And the sad thing about it is that Steve Jobs might not have become the person we know if it weren’t for Dennis Ritchie.

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Passion Moves the World

Something about special people always moves me. That something is passion.

Steve Jobs was from the beginning in the middle of a revolution that completely changed the world. At that time, it took real courage and burning passion to push for ideas that most people didn’t understand – and yet everyone uses today.

I admire him for keeping the passion alive over the years. His push for quality inspires me. I watch his keynotes because of how he talked.

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